Ransomeware in 1992

The german “Die Drei Fragezeichen” (The three ???, a fictional detective trio from german audio drama for kids, which is popular among adults nowadays) investigated in a floppy disc driven malware attack in the episode 056/Angriff der Computer-Viren (Attack of the computer viruses). Funnily the whole threat model reminds heavily of todays ransomewares. The three … Read moreRansomeware in 1992

The Big and Dandy "How to get into Infosec" Resources Post 2020

On a daily basis and on all hacking oriented communities, people ask how to start or to get into Infosec. I decided to maintain a post where I collect my ressources regarding (beginner) learning ressources. I am learning towards an infosec position for a while now and I am now a junior pentester at a … Read moreThe Big and Dandy "How to get into Infosec" Resources Post 2020

Speculative Zombies and the Linux Kernel

“CVEs mean nothing, for the kernel. Very few CVEs ever get assigned for the kernel. I’m fixing 20 patches a day, I could create a CVE to each one of them, I was told not to because it would burn the world down,” he said. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/10/29/intel_disable_hyper_threading_linux_kernel_maintainer/ lol?