Automate the boring stuff with bash

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I really start to love bash. And dislike python. I’m not good at both, but i like to automate boring, repeative tasks. Being a pentester and network admin using linux (of course) i’m working a lot in the shell, editing connfig files, checking network devices and such things. I encounter a lot of problems which could be automated and I try to do so whenever possible.

Recently I was writing a script to update config file syntax for alcatel switches and started doing it in python. After some hours I switched doing it in bash and it was done pretty quickly…bash is awesome 🙂

Python keeps annoying me somehow, all this object fuckery and I kinda start to dislike the forced intendation. Also it has so much modules and functions doing very similar stuff, that it takes me forever finding the one doing exactly what I need…didn’t experienced that in other languages, but I haven’t much experience coding, so it might be too lees to have a picture,

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