Spaced Out Linguism, Python Text Analysis

I was always interested in linguistics, from a lot of perspectives. For example, I always loved about Tolkien that he created a fully functional language for his books. Recently I started to play around with ML stuff, pandas etc. While doing so I was having the Idea of creating a note organizer based on ML … Read moreSpaced Out Linguism, Python Text Analysis

Automate the boring stuff with bash

I really start to love bash. And dislike python. I’m not good at both, but i like to automate boring, repeative tasks. Being a pentester and network admin using linux (of course) i’m working a lot in the shell, editing connfig files, checking network devices and such things. I encounter a lot of problems which … Read moreAutomate the boring stuff with bash

FiSi Prüfungsvorbereitung

Ich habe mir vorgenommen, meine Prüfungsvorbereitung online zu sammeln, ich denke, ich behandele immer kleine Themen als Post. As usual, sind die Informationen Unvollständig und nur auf meine Bedürfnisse abgestimmt. Aber vll kann es einer gebrauchen. Trying to be IHK compliant. Ressourcen Projektmanagement Wirtschaft