Free Party: Die Staedtischen Kollektiv

I had the pleasure to enjoy the latest DIY, fusion style street party from the Collective “Die Städtischen”. I was so blasted to find a just started, awesomely lovely concert/party for free. Completely without any commercial background and that’s right where I stumbled out of the train to find something cool happening. Was obviously the place to be on saturday in munich.

As much as I heard it was the last of 4 weekends which they could use the location near Rosenheimer Platz in Munich’s city. Funnily, I don’t know if the pun was intended, but it was right in front of the “GEMA” Headquarters. The GEMA is a notoriously, fucked up music mafia organization from germany. It’s basically collecting fee’s for every music transmitted within germany, while it should only reserving “rights” of their members. But as I know from party organizers I know personally, they collect fee’s from events playing only non GEMA music.


Much love to the whole collective and especially this silver-red goddess I was fortunate to witness sing and dance <3! Also it was the first concert I would consider to be pop music, some of it and I was really enjoying it. So check out the young munich artist Diana Goldberg, lovely, real music and awesome voice.

A short peek into good memories – Die Staedtischen Kollektiv Free Party, München

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