Free Party: Die Staedtischen Kollektiv

I had the pleasure to enjoy the latest DIY, fusion style street party from the Collective “Die Städtischen”. I was so blasted to find a just started, awesomely lovely concert/party for free. Completely without any commercial background and that’s right where I stumbled out of the train to find something cool happening. Was obviously the … Read moreFree Party: Die Staedtischen Kollektiv

Using kali in lxc container the easy way

I bought a refurbished thinkpad x260 and the bios locked with the seller can not supply the password. Since I need at least a seperated kali for pentesting and used virtual box until today, I would need virtualization enabled. Which wasn’t unfortunately. So I am exploring ways to use kali as a lxc container. A … Read moreUsing kali in lxc container the easy way